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In order to earn instant cash on your old, used, scrap and unwanted trucks you can sell it to the local truck dismantlers. You will come across plenty of offers once you put your truck on the market. But what if we were to tell you that we have some of the best deals you will ever find.

Truck Dismantlers St Albans Cash for trucks


Sell Used, Damaged & Unwanted Trucks at Truck Dismantlers St Albans

Cash For Cars St Albans buy all kinds of trucks and heavy-duty commercial cars for wrecking and recycling. We have some of the most remarkable truck dismantling deals in town. In exchange for your old, and junk trucks, we offer you cash up to $8,999.

Truck Dismantlers & Removals


We are known to be one of the most eco-friendly truck dismantlers. You can sell us any of your jeeps, SUVs, 4x4s, UTEs and 4WDs for wrecking. We not only pay you incredible cash for your trucks but we offer to tow within the same day as well. Not only that, our towing services are absolutely free and cause no delay. Don’t wait to sell your vehicle &  get free car removals in St Albans.

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All you need to do is follow simple steps to get a quick quote on your unwanted truck.

Dismantling trucks for cash wreckers


  1. Call us to leave all the necessary details about your truck
  2. Or fill out the same details in an online form
  3. Let us know your contact information as well
  4. If you agree on the quote we offer, set a pickup date and time
  5. Let us know your location
  6. Have it towed on the designated date and get instant cash

We are one of the very few truck dismantlers who offer cash right on the spot. We even have an option to transfer the money to your account. This too takes no time. We make sure that before your vehicle even reaches our yard, your money gets in your account.

We Have The Best Vehicle Wrecking Services

You can not only sell your truck but avail rest of the other services of ours as well. For example

We bring in all kinds of trucks to our yard for safe disposal. Each truck is carefully recycled. We make sure that none of our procedures harm the environment.


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