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If you are currently in possession of an old, scrap, used or junk car that is of no use. Auto Wreckers St Albans have a very rewarding solution to make the most of it. We are one of the top Auto Wreckers in St Albans who pay instant cash for all cars. No matter what brand it is or what condition it is in.

Salvage yard Car Wreckers

We Buy Old, Used, Scrap or Damaged Cars For Wrecking

Call to let us know about your vehicle that you no longer need. We offer to evaluate it for free and give you a quote. The quote that we prepare starts from $150 and may even be as much as $8,999. We buy any make and type of car as long as you don’t need it anymore. You can sell your truck, van, SUV, UTE, 4×4 or convertible. Auto Wreckers St Albans can buy your vehicle in any condition.

Got a damaged or broken truck? We also buy used or scrap trucks for cash. At Truck Wreckers St Albans we pay top cash for your unwanted truck & tow it free of charge on the same day.

Auto wreckers cash for scrap cars

At auto wreckers St Albans, we evaluate a car for its worth, we try to look for all its reusable parts. Even a car that is completely inoperable consists of numerous great parts. We recognize those and pay you cash for its exact value. All parts that we think can be reused go through different tests. And only after confirming a couple of times, we put those in our stock.

We are committed with best evaluation for all cars, vans, trucks thanks to our cash for used cars Melbourne program. Don’t worry about interior and exterior condition, we will buy your vehicle after agreeing a price.

Find All Genuine Car Parts at Affordable Prices by Auto Wreckers St Albans

There are hundreds of used car parts in our wrecking yard. Each with a detailed description. This makes it a lot easier for our customers to find the right fit. All on their own. Our specialists also offer to help you find the piece best suited for your car if you need their assistance. We have best deals for each of the following parts

  • Used tyres, Used batteries
  • Bumpers, Fenders
  • Car doors, Headlights, and Tail lights
  • Side-view mirrors, Engines
  • Transmission etc.

Environment-Friendly Car Recycling in St Albans

The second biggest reason, we bring a car to our wrecking yard is to recycle it in an eco-friendly way. We happen to be one of the best car recyclers in St Albans. Our clean-green routine ensures 100% safety and maximum utilization of all resources. Auto Wreckers St Albans we count on each car parts and recycles it in an appropriate manner. Saving our environment since 2005.

Used auto wreckers st albans

We make sure to not let anything useful go to waste. We guarantee each of the following

  1. Individual recycling of each of the material; plastic, rubber, metal, and glass
  2. Selling all the reusable car parts at a very reasonable rate compared to the local market
  3. Taking special measures to prevent any toxins from an automobile from harming the land or atmosphere

When removing your unwanted car, we ask for ID proof on the spot & pay cash in hand. It is important to check your car status by VicRoads, Selling someone else vehicle or a stolen vehicle is a bad idea. At Auto Wreckers St Albans we make sure our customers are fully satisfied by our car removal service.

We do not ask to fill major paperwork for selling, it can be all done by our towing staff for you. Finally, if you’re still not sure about your vehicle make or model, call us instantly and we will help you through the selling process.

At Auto Wreckers St Albans Remove Your Car for Free

Selling your car is an another thing, but removing your scrap or junk cars from the premises can be hard if your car is not in working condition or non-movable. Junk car removals in St Albans will remove your vehicle for free and pay your cash on the spot. Call Us today or fill our online quote.

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